The Benefits Of Having A Tummy Tuck


It is rather an important need to pamper ourselves after months of slaving
from a high octane work! Added to this are the pressures that our lives
often get entangled to. But first things first!  We need to get abreast
about the safest and newest approaches on aesthetic surgery to find out
which one is the best for you!  A known writer and priest once said, “We
don’t see that of which we do not have concept of.”

Let’s start the ball rolling by familiarizing ourselves with one of the most
commonly administered surgery procedure– the tummy tuck. This is
defined by the Oxford Reference Dictionary as an aesthetic procedure
which aims to provide a flatter, narrower abdomen by excising skin and
excess fat, generally by using a lower slanting abdominal mark. Put
simply, this surgical procedure, levels out your stomach/ abdomen by
removing wobbly, excess fat and skin and slimming down your muscles thus
making it tighter or firmer within the abdominal wall.

Benefits Of Having A Tummy Tuck

Enhanced Level of Confidence. The primary and most important benefit of
a self enhancement procedure similar to tummy tuck is to reinforce the
patient’s confidence and self-esteem by re-establishing a well enhanced
and much proportioned frame.

Decrease or curtailment of stretch marks. Very near to the heart of
post pregnancy stage is the elimination of stretch marks. And to date,
this very unsettling concern
can be medically treated by means of aesthetic surgery.

3. Elimination of floppy skin resulting to an improved body contour or body outline!

Aesthetic surgery has had a lot of amazing advancement and expanded to a number
of modes of self-improvement in recent years that having a bulging tummy
can be just a thing of the past ! A perfect body shape is within our
reach here and now!

4.  A buoyant sense of suiting up daring & fitting clothes.

Suiting up in fashionable clothes is dramatically made real and facilitated
with effortlessness considering you are fabulously renewed!

Tummy Tuck Philippines

Overall, a comprehensive abdominoplasty adhere to the steps aforementioned
below. It goes without saying that the procedure is performed under
general anaesthesia.

• Firstly, a cut from hip to hip — just directly above the pubic area.
• Secondly, a new cut is made to open the tummy button from the neighbouring skin.
•Thirdly, the skin is meticulously separated from the abdominal wall to
facilitate access to the muscles and the fascia to be made firmer.
•Last but not the least, just like any surgical procedure, a dressing is
applied to collect superfluous fluid from the aforementioned area.

The final result is a new you! Give or take a week or two, you should be
posing proud and fittingly poised with a renewed and trimmer body


Facelift – Rhytidectomy, Facial Rejuvenation Overview


Rhytidectomy or commonly known as Face lift procedure can reduce and address the sagging skin, deep cheek folds, and jowls at the lower part of the jaw of the face and
neck, making these areas more youthful in appearance. Plastic surgeons
usually divide the face into 3 general parts, the upper, mid and the
lower 3rd. Aging affects these areas of the face in different way. At
the upper third, there is the transverse line of the forehead and the
glabellar frown line. Middle 3rd you would note the deepening of the
Nasolabial folds, sagging of the cheek skin and hallowing of the
suborbital area. And at the lower third there are the jowls, marionette
lines and the platismal bands at the neck-mandible area. Due to aging
and other multifactorial cause, the support structure and skin of the
face loosen.

Facelift or mini facelift surgery is a procedure that would resuspend or reposition the soft tissue of the face to obtain a youthful appearance. The scars from the incision lines
are mostly hidden within the hairline or within normal lines of the face
and neck, making it inconspicuous once it matures. This is usually
performed, either under local or general anesthesia depending on the
extent of the face lift procedure and usually requires a short hospital
stay for patient undergoing a full face lift. The patient will
experience some temporary skin discoloration, swelling and a certain
amount of tightness or numbness in the face and ears that usually
resolve after 7 to 10 days. Healing takes time and is gradual, so be
patient and expect several weeks or months for optimal results.

Cosmetic procedure either surgical or non surgical are very cheap and affordable
in the Philippines when compared to other western countries like the
United State (USA), United Kingdom and Canada. Because of this a lot of
prospective clients that are very much interested in physical
enhancement could avail the services of certified and fully trained
Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon at a much lower cost. Since physical
enhancement is your prime objective. Cost or Price should not be your
main consideration, but your Surgeon’s qualification, training and
experience should be your priority. Give time and effort in knowing your

Patient safety and quality results is our priority. Take the opportunity to
discuss all your options with our certified Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon for
free. With a very affordable cosmetic surgery procedure packages,
while having your vacation in the Philippines. Any cosmetic plastic
procedure could be a worthwhile and extraordinary experience for both
the patient and surgeon, if this is done in the light of surgical
standards in term of safety. In order for you to attain the best results
for the procedure you are interested without compromising your safety
and health, we advice you to bring up all your concerns to a Certified
Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon with proper qualification and training in the
field of Cosmetic/Aesthetic Surgery.

Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery -Cosmetic Surgery Philippines

Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery -Cosmetic Surgery Philippines

The function of Cosmetic Surgery is mainly to improve look and increase self-esteem by reshaping and improving dimension normal physique, parts and isn’t
generally covered by medical insurance coverage. Reconstructive Surgery, however, is performed to correct abnormal structures from the physique that had been
the outcome of developmental abnormalities, congenital defects, disease or infection, and trauma, and is generally covered by a health and medical insurance.

The main purpose of surgery would be to enhance and improve overall body functions, although improved physique or aesthetics is also taken into
consideration. Cleft or lip palate, scars from burns, crushed bones, flattened breasts due to mastectomy, and birth deformities of body parts. These are just some of the
conditions treated using reconstructive surgery or corrective surgery, a specialized surgery procedure that restores abnormal structures of the body.

Surgery is performed by a surgeon, a doctor who had studied specialist surgery to get a quantity of years and is certified to perform invasive surgical
procedures. In Australia, for example, doctors who completed a bachelor in medicine or bachelor of surgery degree, can’t be called plastic surgeons.

Plastic surgeons are qualified to carry out both cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. Aside from those already talked about above, other medical
issues that might need reconstructive surgery are the following:

Breast reduction for both male and female
Facial reconstruction following accidents or trauma
Tumor or skin cancer elimination
Finger or limb reconstruction or reattachment
Knee or elbow reconstruction right injuries suffered during sports

If you’re looking forward to undergo reconstructive surgery, selecting a certified filipino plastic surgeon is crucial. The best way you can do this is to
make certain that the cosmetic surgeon you are choosing is affiliated with both certified and professional organizations. These professional
societies have strict code of ethics and qualification standards that members abide by. The members of these organizations also only perform reconstructive
surgery or cosmetic surgery in accredited medical facilities.

Within the United states, they have the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) whose members have completed at least 5 years surgical training with a
minimum of two years in plastic surgery (cosmetic surgery and reconstructive surgery). Canada has the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada,
Quebec Association of Specialists in Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery, Canadian Society for Aesthetic (Cosmetic) Plastic Surgery, and the Canadian Society of
Plastic Surgeons.

Within the United Kingdom, one of the primary organizations for plastic surgeons will be the British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic
Surgeons (BAPRAS). Topnotch Australian plastic surgeons are members from the Royal Australian College of Surgeons (FRACS) or equivalent. FRACS membership is the regular qualification requirement before an Australian plastic surgeon can carry out plastic and reconstructive surgery in private and public hospitals.

Here in the Philippines, the Philippine Medical Association is the primary medical association of the Philippines, covering medical practitioners and component medical groups from the entire country. It is a member of the World Medical Association and is a co-founder of the Confederation of Medical Associations of Asia and Oceania. It is also the co-founder of Medical Associations of South East Asian Nations.